Hi! I'm Malou

Travelling llustrator wih wanderlust

I'm Malou Zuidema, a Dutch illustrator and after my Sydney adventure I am back home in the Netherlands, based on the island Texel.


I made my way back home via different creative adventures that started out in Amsterdam, followed by Hobart and New York City and lastly Sydney. My travels and relocations obviously influence my work, as the world is such a beautiful place! I find inspiration in the people I meet, the stories they tell and the new, local quirks that catch my eye. These are often the starting points for unexpected intricate jokes on local landmarks and wildlife, or funny puns that I've turned into greeting cards and prints.

Giggles and smiles guaranteed.

What Can I Do For You

Help visualize your project! Don't underestimate the power of image. Even the something like a basic illustrations can say more than a thousand words and better connect you to your audience. Are you after a quirky image that sets the tone of your brand or business, or more informative piece of illustration for communication purposes such as an infographic, or something more decorative to brighten up a large sections of text in books or reports.

It's all about collaboration, together we'll work towards an end result that meets your needs. 

What I bring to the table: lots of creativity, ideas, enthusiasm, clear communication with a focus on the deadline and high quality artwork delivery.

Learn Something New

Join one of my workshops!

Ever since I was a little kid I've always wanted to draw, and become a professional 'drawer' when I'd be a grown up (yay). And/or travel the world (yay to that too!). 

Fun fact, I have a Bachelors degree of Fine Art in Education, completed at the Amsterdam School of Art and have been teaching art classes for over 8 years now. So teaching art is something that is close to my heart. It always saddens me when I have students coming to a class who tell me that the last time they've drawn or painted was in highschool. And never touched a pencil after that, because their teacher told them they were horrible at it.  

Which is why I've made it my goal to offer art classes and creative experiences that are about having FUN! Creating art, whether it's painting, drawing or illustration should be something you enjoy, about self exploration and having a great time while doing it! And that's exactly what my aim is for my workshops.

Come in, paint, draw and create, forget about the world for ~2 hours. 

Get in touch

Got excited about collaborating on an illustration project? Or are you looking for an art lesson or keen to host a workshop for your team or event? 

Drop me a line at: malou.zuidema@gmail.com and let's make something pretty together!

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Texel, the Netherlands

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