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Client : Private commissions

Project: Personalised invitation

Illustration: Malou Zuidema

Wedding invitations, birth announcements and more

How it works

A personalised invitation; one of my favourite collaborative projects. Especially being given the thrust to come up designs for such important and personal occasions is a very precious experience. 

Wedding Invitations

Examples displayed; a Dutch/ Persian influenced dinner style menu, or a retro look for a DIY style wedding invitation.

Birth Announcements

Celebrating your little one, with a beautiful personalised design. The full process is in collaboration with the parents. Typically we talk through the details during the pregnancy period. And I"ll make sure to have everything ready to go once the little one is born. When the time is right, the personal details will be added and make evertyhing printer ready. 

Birth announcement

Birth announcement

Wedding invitation/ Menu

A combination of Persian and Dutch influences.


Wedding invitation

Space invader wedding decoration



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