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Scientific Graphs

Wageningen University & Research
A diagram for a research proposal about ecological effects of large scale sand extraction

This diagram is used as part of a larger research proposal. To visualise and communicate how the different research roles and elements are interconnected and related. Making sure the image visually communicates this information to audiences from a different scientific fields.

Sjoerd Final Graph - Ocean currents.jpg

University of New South Wales
Graph design - Water mass transformation

A graph that illustrates the processes in that influence water mass transformation. Looking at how a bit of water in the ocean can change; think about influences like heat, water density, carbon, oxygen, and more. This helps scientists to better understand the ocean.  

This graph is used as part of presentations and has been published as part of a scientific paper.

For the experts: "In an abstract way, water mass transformation is a form of ocean circulation, but instead of using “location” as a property, we use a tracer as property. This trick provides completely new description and insights into the movement of these properties through the ocean".

CSIRO Hobart
Graph UN SDG: Life Below Water

Graph as part of an article written by a group of early career researchers. Talking about current and future problems which cover the conservation and sustainable use of oceans, seas and marine resources. Meeting three of the UN sustainability Goals.

Published in 'Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Life Below Water'

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