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Staedtler Collaboration
Watercolour Workshop | Island Vibes (Texel)
Watercolour Workshop | Island Vibes (Texel)
Teamwork Tea Malou Zuidema Illustrations
Watercolour & Wine Workshop Texel - 1
Botanical Watercolours
Global Gastronauts

My name is Malou Zuidema, I am a Dutch illustrator. I've worked internationally as a professional illustrator in Tasmania, New York and Sydney, and am now back at my homebase; the beautiful island Texel, in the Netherlands. 


Get in touch if you're after a custom illustration design or have any other questions

An illustration especially designed for your brand

Information visualisation through illustration


Making educational materials and research  understandable

Brand illustrations with

a quirky twist


A powerful image, with or without a humorous touch

Travel and tourism illustrations


A timeless image, full of color, story and strong message



Sit back, relax, and enjoy two hours of offline creative fun


While embracing the gorgeous and relaxed Texel' island vibes. More...