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Bacteria poster

Science Outreach Project

Explaining the importance of microbiology: Bacteria are one of the smallest living creatures in the world, and are highly underestimated in their importance. I was asked to develop  a design and story to make it easier and more fun to explain what bacteria are about, aiming to turn the 'abstract looking' bacteria into cute and quirky little characters, with a focus on the micro-ecology of the ocean. 


Too be honest, I didn't know anything about bacteria, but after hearing how important they are, it sounded like as if they are some kind of superheroes, who maintain the world's ocean ecosystems. Basically we cannot live without them.


This poster is the starting point, next step is an animation telling the story about the importance of microbiology or, maybe even a picture book... 

Infographic/ poster details

There are all sorts of bacteria families. All members of these families perform different 'jobs'. Or, as I'd like to see it, they're different superheroes, with different outfits, superpower belts, hats etc. 

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