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A funny birthday card series where different iconic Tasmanian animals wishing you a very happy birthday. Each in their own ways. 


This is the wombat wishing you a happy 'poopy' birthday. Poopy, because wombats have square poo. So shaped exactly like a present



Part of the Tasmanian Birthday series, inspired by my time living in Tasmania, Australia

Tasmanian Devil   - 'Have a growling good birthday'
Echidna                    - 'Have a pop of a birthday' 
Wombat                   - 'Happy poopy birthday'
Wallaby                    - 'Have a happy hoppy birthday'



Part of the Tasmanian Birthday series, inspired by my time living in Tasmania, Australia


Happy Poopy Birthday

  • ---LOOK & FEEL---
    Tent-type greeting card, printed on a heavy paper with a luxurious thick feel. A matte finish, no text inside the card. 
    Back includes logo & copyright



    All cards come with a kraft envelope.

    ---MIX 'N MATCH---
    Need more than 1? Contact me! I am more than happy to customise your order. I will adjust the price and shipping to meet your needs.


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