Client: Urban Smart Projects

Project: Traffic Light box mural

Design and execution: Malou Zuidema

Public Art Project

In May 2012 I had the opportunity to paint a traffic signal boxes, an anti vandalism program by Urban Smart Projects and the Hobart City Council. The design requirements were to show community pride, to not be offensive and show a unique in Tasmanian theme. 


My design is inspired by the Giant kelp forest; large seaweed (kelp) forests found on the Tassie waters. These kelps are pretty amazing, as they can grow 10cm a day, and be as tall as 30 metres.


At the time of painting the box I was also working on my Lynchpin animation(more info), an arts-science collaboration about the Tasmanian kelp forests that focuses on bringing science out to the public. I thought this box could be a great opportunity to bring science stories to a larger audience. It is located near the busy Hobard CBD (corner Murray St and Bathurst St). 


More info: www.urbansmartprojects.com

Work in progress



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