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Christmas Card part of the series: '25 reasons why animals don't like Christmas' 


A cynical series of holiday cards where animals (and Gingerbread Man) explain why the holidays are not their favorite time of the year.

A snail's Chrismas home

  • 1 Holiday Greeting card


    ---LOOK & FEEL---
    'This is a thick 16pt, sustainably sourced paper stock. With a light satin coating on the outside, the inside is left uncoated, making it easier for you to write your own message. Each card is individually scored, ensuring a clean fold'


    ---WANT MORE ?---
    Full card series includes 4 prints:

    -Rudolph: 'Who's gonna be Rudolph Today'
    -Gingerbread Man: 'Holidays bite'
    -Snail: 'How am I gonna fit 'this' in my house?'
    -Turtle: 'Your Christmas presents are on their way'

    Back includes logo & copyright

    Need more than 1? Contact me! I am happy to sell these in bigger quantities, and will adjust the price and shipping to meet your needs.

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