Staedtler (Pacific), the market leader for blacklead and coloured pencils contacted me to create a variety of artwork and video for their 2019 Mars Lumograph extension launch. Using their new products: Lumograph Aquarell pencils, Lumograph Black pencils, Lumograph Jumbo pencils, Lumograph Charcoal pencils and Lumograph Pastel pencils


They engaged me to work with an ocean theme, using their news pencil products, delivering:

  • 4 final artworks

  • Work in progress shots

  • 4 Time- lapse videos


For the videos aspect of it was my aim was to create a timelapse video that shows both the full process, as well as close-ups showing more precise techniques, slowing down the time-lapse and creating close-up shots during the drawing process.  All 4 videos are around the 33sec mark. 

Additionally I ran different product demonstrations at Eckersley's Arts & Crafts stores in NSW and Melbourne. The largest, high end, art supply store chain in Australia. 


For the Staedtler launch social media campaign

Turtle with Pastel Pencils
Turtle drawing in progress
Turtle drawing in progress
Turtle drawing in progress
Whale with Charcoal Pencil
Whale drawing in progress
Aquarell pencils
Shark with Aquarell Pencil
Shark drawing in progress
Shark drawing in progress
Bluebottle drawing in progress
Bluebottle with Jumbo and Black Penc
STAEDTLER - Flatlay 1
Work in progross
6 Apples for Newsletter.jpg